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 Shooting accessories to aid in the enjoyment of the sport.


gm-48.gif (26737 bytes) Protector Gun Cleaning Mats

Kleen-Bore's professional gun cleaning mats are ideal for firearms cleaning, maintenance and protection at the range or in the field.   The surface protects the firearm during cleaning and maintenance while absorbing spills because of its deep wicking properties.  The protector has a non-skid, non-leaking backing (to most solvents tested) and is easily cleaned by simply washing with soap and water.

Model No.                     Size                      Price
GM-24          Handgun - 18"x24"            $ 9.95
GM-48          Rifle/ Shotgun - 18"x48"    $15.49       

             Gunny Socks

Slip your firearm into a Gunny Sock for quick, easy and inexpensive protection during storage or transportation.  These thick, tightly woven socks provide a cushioning layer of fabric to surround your valuable firearm.  For long term storage, combine with one of Kleen-Bore's rust preventive chemicals

Model No.                     Size                        Price  
GS-160                      Handgun                   $7.15   
GS-161                    Rifle/shotgun               $9.95 

gs160.gif (288345 bytes)
rih-218.gif (371346 bytes) The Inhibitor Anti-Corrosion Gun Storage Bags

The 6 mil. Inhibitor storage bags provide long-term corrosion protection for all your valuable firearms or other metal possessions.  The unique bags incorporate the technology of Vapor corrosion Inhibitors to blanket your forearms with an invisible shield from corrosive atmospheres for up to three years.  Protects against humidity and salt air as well as other corrosive conditions

Model No.              Description                       Price  
RIH-218                Handgun (8" X 14")         $2.95     
RIL-219                 Long gun (14" X 54")      $6.59

cap12.gif (474858 bytes) Shotgun Snap Caps

A Snap Cap used in an empty chamber allows for the are release of the firing pin or "dry fire."  Firing on an empty chamber can result in damage to the firing pin.  They also serve to relieve pressure on the firing pin spring when the chamber is closed and the trigger is pulled.  Made from solid aluminum, they include a brass, spring loaded primer to safely absorb the force of the fining pin and prevent damage.  As a safety feature, each are color coded and stamped with the appropriate gauge

Model No.                          Gauge                   Price
CAP-12                                 12                    $11.50  CAP-20                                 20                    $11.50



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